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Home Standby Generators
Is your home standby generator outdated or not performing correctly? Contact our trained electrical experts to assist in your home standby installations.
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    Home Standby Generators

    Are you prepared if the power goes out in your home? With any luck, electrical outages in your area are a rare thing. However, you want to prepare yourself if something does happen by having a backup power system.

    While it is important to charge your phone during an emergency, home standby generators do many other things. For example, you keep your food refrigerated in the summer and heat your house if the power goes out during winter.

    Heat during the winter is not a luxury in the Northeast, it is essential. While traditional gas heaters used a pilot light, more HVAC systems now use electricity for their heating systems.

    For those who use electricity, it could lead to the possibility of frozen pipes.

    Home Standby Generators – Repair, Service, & Installation in RI

    Home Standby Generator Installation

    Standby Generator

    You can hook a standby generator directly to the utility company line, so the generator gets alerted to when the power goes off.

    When this happens, the standby generator uses a transfer switch to shift the power from the electrical line to the generator. The process is automatic and great for families who want to go without power too long.



    Portable Generator

    While the portable generator is not light, it comes with wheels and a handle to pull you to your desired location.

    Most portable generators run on gasoline to ensure their power source is mobile as well. The one thing you should know is not to use a portable generator in an enclosed space.

    When was the last time a trained professional evaluated your generator?

    Whether you have a standby or portable generator, we can evaluate the problem and come up with a solution to fit your needs.

    Standby Generator Repair in RI
    Portable Generator Repair in RI

    Professional Standby Generator Installation Services

    Are you looking for the best standby generator installation services in Rhode Island?

    Well, you are in luck! Finding a reliable and trusted company in Rhode Island for your standby generator installation job is hard to find.

    With us, you can trust that we will find you the best of the best.

    Servicing Standby Generator in RI

    Standby Generator Installation

    Are you looking to install a new home standby generator for your home? If so, you want a professional who understands how to connect your generator safely to the power grid.

    Over the past 26 years, Mister Sparky has installed home standby generators for countless homes across Rhode Island. Let us help you install yours before the next power outage.

    Standby Generator Installation in RI
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    Why do you want a professional to handle your home standby generator?

    Installing a home standby generator requires a professional who knows the local and state codes. They should also be well versed in the National Electricians Code best practices for dealing with electricity.

    If you want a qualified electrician to help, contact Mister Sparky today. Our electricians have the experience and training to install your home standby generator the right way.

    Why do you want a professional to handle your home standby generator?
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    I thought it was kind of expensive to screw an electric bolt to the side of the house. It took no more than 10-15 minutes to erect the ladder, climb it, screw the bolt in, and take the ladder down.— Emilie L.
    The electrician was great and explained each step in the process as he moved through the work. He did a great job of cleaning up after the work. The wiring installed under the sink was in metal casing to protect is from potential leaks. I have not had an electrician in for a long time, so my knowledge about cost is not current, but I felt it was a bit high. However for quality of work, timeliness in terms of projected arrival, focus on the task, including not taking phone calls; clear explanation of work, and clean up, I would highly recommend the company.— Chuck S.
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