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Lighting Issues?
Is your lighting outdated or not performing correctly? Do you need a brighter look for your home or office? Contact our trained electrical experts to assist in your lighting repairs, replacement, upgrade, or installation.
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    Light Fixtures – Replace, Repair, Install

    A new light installation gives your home or office a fresh, bright look. While changing a light bulb can be simple, installing new fixtures and wiring are jobs for a professional electrician.

    Installing pendant, recessed, or landscape lighting are more complicated projects and may require new wiring circuits.

    Environmental concerns impact modern lighting installations, and digital technology offers home and building owners off-site control. There’s a lot to consider when you decide to upgrade your lighting.

    Mister Sparky electricians have the knowledge and skill to help you make the right choices and to get your lighting projects completed safely.

    Light Fixtures – Replace, Repair, Install in RI

    Electrical Lighting Contractor in RI

    Repair Electrical Fixtures In Your Home

    Light switches and fixtures wear out over time. It may be more economical to replace a light than to repair it. However, you may decide to restore a vintage light fixture or wall sconce with sentimental value.

    Mister Sparky electricians have the expertise you need to repair lights and wiring inside and outside your home and commercial buildings. We work with you to find the best solution to your specific lighting challenges.

    We have been in the business for over two decades, following electrical codes and best practices for our customers’ lighting repair jobs.

    Repair Electrical Fixtures in RI

    Replace Electrical Fixtures

    If you’re planning to replace a light, consider the following concepts first.

    • Think about the general lighting of an entire area.
      Indoors, you may have a table and floor lamps as well as ceiling and wall fixtures. Outdoors, lighting may include security, all-season, and holiday lights.
    • Think about task lighting for specific purposes.
      Functional lighting designed for reading, cooking or entertaining enhances your home, porch, or patio.
    • Think about accent lighting for decorative features.
      Highlight plants, artwork, holiday décor, and landscaping for dramatic effect.
    • Think about interior lighting for safety.
      Don’t become a crime statistic. A well-lit home deters trespassing and burglary.
    Replace Electrical Fixtures in RI

    Install New Light Fixtures In Your House

    Mister Sparky professionals are experienced in a variety of lighting installations.

    • Recessed lighting in ceilings
    • Task lighting under cabinets
    • Accent lighting for paintings and statues
    • Pendant lighting for dining areas
    • Track lighting in kitchens and living areas
    • Niche lighting for decorating
    • Elegant lighting with chandeliers
    • Spot lighting with wall sconces
    • Alcove lighting for decorating

    We can help you determine which lighting option suits your needs. Choosing the right lightbulbs is as important as selecting a fixture.

    The tungsten-filament incandescent light bulbs used for decades no longer meet Federal standards for energy efficiency. They produce too much heat.

    By the year 2020 there will be few incandescent bulbs manufactured, leaving the following energy-efficient light bulb options:

    • Halogen bulbs.
      These bulbs are an improvement on incandescent light bulbs. They produce uniform lighting with greater efficiency.
    • Compact fluorescent bulbs (CFL).
      These bulbs use 67-80% less power than traditional incandescent bulbs. Their spiral shapes make them easily recognizable.
    • Light-emitting diode bulbs (LED)
      Both mercury and glass free, these bulbs offer a 75% energy savings over incandescent bulbs. They light up instantly and last a long time.
    Install New Light Fixtures in RI
    Light Fixtures: Halogen bulbs
    Speak with one of our qualified electricians today about your electrical problem.
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    Why Do You Want A Professional To Handle Your Light Fixtures?

    Electrical work is specialized. Homeowners hire Mister Sparky electricians to get their residential jobs done right and completed on time.

    When you need interior lighting installation, repair, or replacement, Mister Sparky professionals will provide you with the highest quality service inside your home.

    Exterior lighting may have three distinct purposes: 1) security, 2) safety, and landscaping. We offer our expertise in all three types of lighting installations.

    Security lighting systems should provide bright light and motion sensors, in consideration of a homeowners’ lifestyle. Outdoor security lights around the house and yard are different from those surrounding a commercial building.

    Safety lighting illuminates’ outdoor areas for walking, playing sports, caring for pets and unloading vehicles at night. Commercial buildings also require parking lot safety lighting.

    Landscape lighting highlights focal points and provides additional safety.

    Why Do You Want A Professional To Handle Your Light Fixtures?
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    Excellent service — we would recommend Mister Sparky to anyone!— Mary
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    I thought it was kind of expensive to screw an electric bolt to the side of the house. It took no more than 10-15 minutes to erect the ladder, climb it, screw the bolt in, and take the ladder down.— Emilie L.
    The electrician was great and explained each step in the process as he moved through the work. He did a great job of cleaning up after the work. The wiring installed under the sink was in metal casing to protect is from potential leaks. I have not had an electrician in for a long time, so my knowledge about cost is not current, but I felt it was a bit high. However for quality of work, timeliness in terms of projected arrival, focus on the task, including not taking phone calls; clear explanation of work, and clean up, I would highly recommend the company.— Chuck S.
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