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Solar Photovoltaic Installation in RI

Do you want to use a clean, sustainable, carbon-free energy source? Then consider using solar power to power your home. Going solar not only provides an environmentally friendly energy source, but can also add some coins to your pocketbook.
Furthermore, federal and state rebate programs make solar a great investment. Let us show you how to go green, save money, and give back to our environment.
If you have personal questions about how to use solar photovoltaic power for your home don’t wait: Ask an Expert!

Growth in Solar Power

Over the past year, the amount of solar power capacity increased 50% year over year. This increase in size is a direct result of the “sun rush” we now have in the United States and China.
The United States still has room for plenty of growth in the solar market. According to the US Energy Information Administration, solar power accounts for only 1.5% of US electrical generation.

Tax Credits

While many of the best tax credits for purchasing solar power system are almost gone, there are still significant savings for solar.

The Federal Solar Tax Credit (ITC) offers a scaling tax credit for solar power over the next few years:

  • 2019- 30% tax credit
  • 2020- 26%
  • 2021- 22%

Moreover, many states offer additional tax savings for residents.

For example, the Rhode Island Residential Renewable Energy Income Tax Credit covers 25% of a solar system cost up to $1000.

It’s worth noting that Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) allow homeowners to sell excess energy for rebates. The amount you gain from an SREC varies based on your state and other factors. Profiting from your investment in solar energy is why so many homeowners and businesses are shifting towards this technology.

Solar Photovoltaic Equipment and Systems Installation Compliance Standards

Every local municipality has their own set of fire and building codes you need to know before you start installing solar photovoltaic equipment. Keep in mind that states also have laws you must observe.

Most state and local codes use the International Code Council codex for building and residential codes.

Important things to remember when installing a rooftop installation:

  • Can the roof structurally support the entire solar system?
  • Are the solar photovoltaic systems non-combustible?
  • How do you avoid water, rodents, or insects invading the property around the solar photovoltaic system?

With Mister Sparky, we can assure you that all of our certified electricians understand and comply to these codes and rules. Our professionals can successfully install your solar power system safely and meet all the requirements necessary to do so.

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